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For questions or problems regarding our software please visit the following pages:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
If you encounter a problem using Jack 6 (or Jack 5) please check our Frequently Asked Questions page.
If you have an older version the answers on our FAQ page are not applicable. Check for older versions our Service old versions below.
Jack 6 service page
Information regarding updates for Jack version 6 can be found on our Jack 6 service page.
Jack 5 service page
For the previous version, Jack version 5.0, visit the Jack 5 service page
Service Dutch titles
For the software available in the Dutch language a special support page exists.


The user manual and Help document are part of the product and can be accessed from within the program (through [Help\Jack documentation]) and printed, the Adobe pdf-reader is required.

TIP: [Ctrl]+[f] will open the Search window in most Windows programs. Use this search function if you don't want to read the entire document or webpage.


License conditions and registration Jack
An overview of the bidding conventions Jack knows about

Service old versions

All software we currently offer runs fine on Windows 10.
Installing Jack 1-4 on a computer running Windows 10 or an updated older Windows version can cause problems. If you consider migrating to Windows 10 you should take into consideration Microsoft's decision to no longer support older software. Unfortunately we cannot assist you with those problems.
If you decide to use an older version of our software you should run it on Windows software of the same age.

Updating Jack 1-4

For the older versions Jack 1-4 an update to Jack 6 does not exist. If you wish to purchase Jack 6 our sales department will be happy to inform you of the possibilities. Please include your Jack registration code with your request.

Jack 5

Jack 5 has the same activation mechanism as Jack 6. Therefore most of the answers on our FAQ page also apply for Jack 5.

If you wish to upgrade your Jack version 5 to Jack 6 you can buy the special update, please see our order information. The Jack 6 update can be used on computers without the presence of Jack 5. With the upgrade your activation counter is also upgraded to once more allow activation on the maximum number of new computers.