Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Jack

On this page we answer questions about Jack version 6. If your Jack version is not 6 or higher the answers on this page are not applicable. For questions regarding older versions please consult our Helpdesk page.

Can you sent me a new registration code?
No, the registration code is an important part of your license and is provided once with your purchase. Store your registration code, you'll need it when reinstalling the software.
Lost your registration code? Contact your vendor, if you bought the software as a download the vendor might be able to resend the information.
Register your Jack from the Help menu within the program. Then, if you loose your registrationcode, we will be able to retrieve it.
Why do I get the message "The registration code can not be used for new installations"?
This error indicates our systems detected an attempt to:

Your license is restricted to a maximum number of computers, you can re-activate the software on the computers it was activated on before.
When attempting to activate a license that was upgraded to a newer version (Jack 5 upgraded to Jack 6) you should skip the old version and start the installation with the newer version (Jack 6).

We don't offer an elaborate scheme of uninstalling and reactivating: in most licenses the maximum number of computers is set to three, thus allowing you to install the program twice on a replacement computer if your computer breaks down. With average usage on one computer at a time this allows you to enjoy the program for about ten years. Licenses with more rights are not available. If you wish to install the program on more than three of your own PC's you can extend the number of rights by purchasing a new license. To use the program on six of your own PC's you'll only need two copies of our software.
PLEASE NOTE: your license is personal, you are not allowed to use one of your installation rights to install the software for use by a third party

Does Jack install on a pc or netbook without a cd-drive?
Yes, you can choose between a download or a cd version. If you bought the cd you can install Jack using your own local network or by using a copy on another device such as a USB stick.
Can I use the program on a computer that is not connected to the internet?
Yes, once the program is activated on your computer you can run it without the cd or an internet connection.
Activation of the program is best done online, you'll need a one time internet connection. If, even a one time, internet connection is not possible or if online activation keeps failing you should select manual activation. Follow the instructions on screen.
Can the program be installed on a Mac?
No, we don't offer a Mac version. If you want to use the program on a Mac Windows emulator programs such as Parallels are available. Many satisfied customers preceded you but we do not support it. Please try our free demo first.
In the dutch language we offer WebApps that can be used on tablet, PC and Mac. See our dutch catalog for a complete overview of our WebApps and programs in dutch.
Does Jack install on an iPad or other tablet?
No, tablets, like the iPad, usually operate using a different operating system (iOS or Android) and do not comply with the system requirements.
The only exception are tablets that run Windows 8 and are equipped with an Intel X86 compatible CPU. Windows 8 tablets that are equipped with ARM processor do not meet the system requirements. For more information please contact your tablet supplier.
In the dutch language we offer WebApps that can be used on tablet, PC and Mac. See our dutch catalog for a complete overview of our WebApps and programs in dutch.
When will a new version be released? Should I wait for it?
It is not necessary to wait for a new version to be released. We don't believe in a newer, better version every year. Jack is still ahead both in playing strength and user possibilities but yet is also still constantly being improved.
Registrer your purchase, if shortly after your purchase a new version is released you will receive a suitable offer for an update.

In between major versions we sometimes have so much to offer that a new minor version is released (a new number behind the decimal point, for example 6.11 for version 6). If you are in possession of its major version you can download and install the minor version for free. From within Jack 6 you can use [Help\Search for updates], to contact the JackBridge website and install the updates.

I've used all my Jack 5 rights, how do I install the Jack 6 update?
The Jack 6 update can, just like the full Jack 6 version, be used on computers without the presence of Jack 5. Start the installation with the Jack 6 update. With the upgrade your activation counter was also upgraded to once more allow activation on the maximum number of new computers. You do need the Jack 5 registration code during the installation.

Jack user interface

Please consult the documentation if you have any questions regarding the functionality or use of the software. All answers to the questions in this section can be derived from the documentation also.
Prospective buyers are encouraged to try our free demo. The 168 page Help-pdf with all functionality explained can be accessed both from within the full or the demo version.
Is it possible to create your own bidding system from scratch?
No. You can compose your own convention card. Jack has over 80 conventions, offering you a wide range of possibilities. Creating your own rules from scratch or defining new conventions is not possible.
How can I compose (and save) my own convention card?
Start by selecting the convention card environment. Now select a predefined convention card that best matches your requirements to be the base convention card for NS. Choose 'Edit'. Now select 'Create a new convention card' and enter a new name for your convention card. You will subsequently walk through all the convention card screens, where you can change anything you like. In the final step the new convention card will be saved. You can now select the new convention card for both NS and EW.
I want to remove certain users. Is this possible?
Yes, go to [Settings\Username].
Is it possible to replay a deal?
Select [Actions\Replay deal].
When replaying a deal in a tournament the results are not kept. Bug?
No, when playing in the tournament environment only the very first results will be saved. To be able to also store new results you should remove the existing results first; in the tournament environment: [File\Tournaments] select [File\Delete results].
Can a random deal be played again in another session?
Every deal has a unique number. You can replay a range of random deals, for example using different thinking time settings for Jack or using different convention cards. Another method for replaying deals is to store them separately, to be played again later on.
How can I remove convention cards I created?
Enter the convention card environment and select the convention card. Now use the 'Delete' button.
How do I print the complete internal manual?
The manual is available as a pdf and can be printed.
Does Jack play in a network?
Yes, Jack can play both on a LAN or on the internet.
Where can I find the vulnerability?
Vulnerability is indicated by the highlighted direction indicators (i.e. colored red) both in the auction and on the table. Red means vulnerable. You can also change the settings to have vulnerability stand out even more.
Is it possible for me to obtain the Dutch playing cards on the screen?
Standard Dutch playing cards are on the CD but can also be obtained using [Help\Search for updates]. In the Dutch playing cards collection the aces feature some historical Dutch buildings, it might be fun to have a look at them.
After installation you can use [Settings\Table] to select the Dutch playing cards.
Network play over the internet does not work. Why not?
Possible causes are:
  1. The Server computer has a firewall. The Server computer must allow the Client computer access for Jack to be able to establish the connection. How to do this depends on the firewall software.
  2. Jack says that he cannot establish a connection. Normally this indicates that the Client computer can not find the Server computer because the internet connection is not there. To check whether this is the case you can use the PING command. On the Client computer, open a DOS window and enter:

    PING <ip-address>

    (substituting <ip-address> with the ip-address of the server) if the number of packages received is 0 than you have a network problem which is unrelated to Jack.
During tournament play I cannot find the contracts played by the other pairs. Where are they?
In some Jack tournaments only a frequency chart is available and not the contracts played by the other pairs. The reason is simple: the organisation of those tournaments did not enter the contracts played and we did not get that data.
Online activation fails, what should I do now?
If online activation fails on a computer that is connected to the internet there are two possible causes: We suspect that you answered a protection software question with NO where it had to be YES. Getting this corrected can be difficult and might require expert knowledge. If you are convinced that everything is done by the book and protection software is not the problem than it might be caused by a Windows problem. Start your internet explorer and visit some website. Keep the internet explorer active (minimize it) while trying to activate Jack.

TIP: minimize this window, and try it now!

If online activation keeps failing you should select manual activation and follow the instructions on the screen.


The user manual and Help document are part of the product and can be accessed from within the program. Private tutoring is not a part of our support. Please consult the documentation if you have any questions regarding the functionality and/or use of the software.

We do not answer bridge playing related questions. The program uses the conventions and other settings you selected. If you require additional explanation regarding the theory you should consult the available literature or courses.

When encountering problems/questions please:

  1. install the most recent version (from within the program: [Help\Search for updates])
  2. read the manual *)
  3. read the help *)
  4. read this FAQ
*) the manual and the help can be accessed from within the program (through [Help\Jack documentation]) and printed, the Adobe pdf-reader is required.

TIP: [Ctrl]+[f] will open the Search window in most Windows programs. Use this search function if you don't want to read the entire document or webpage.

If you have a question not listed in our FAQ or documentation please feel free to ask us directly.