World Championships Computer Bridge

In 1996 the American Contract Bridge League established an official annual World Computer-Bridge Championship to be held at a major international bridge event. The first event was held at the 1997 summer North American Bridge Championships in Albuquerque. Following championships were hosted by World Bridge Federation World Championships, ACBL North American Championships and the EBL first European Open Championship.

After a real good debut, at the Olympiad in Maastricht (2000), in which Jack reached the semi-finals, Jack won the title in 2001 and successfully defended it until 2005 (World Champion in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004). It took until the final of 2005 befor Jack's reign was broken by WBridge5. In 2006 Jack set things straight overpowering all other competitors recapturing the title. In 2007 and 2008 it was WBridge5 again. In 2009 it was Jack who reclaimed the title in a direct match against WBridge5, to succesfully defend it again in 2010.
On this part of our website we want to provide you with background information on the world championships.

History of the Championship

Bridge Programs


2015: Chicago, Augustus 10-15, 2015
2014: Sanya (China), October 18-23, 2014
2013: Bali (Indonesia), September 23-28, 2013
2012: Lille (France), August 17-22, 2012
2011: Veldhoven (Netherlands), October 23-28, 2011
2010: Philadelphia, October 10-16, 2010
2009: Washington, July 26-31, 2009
2008: Las Vegas, July 20-25, 2008
2007: Shanghai (China), October 4-9, 2007
2006: Verona (Italy), June 17-22, 2006, Jack recaptures title
2005: Estoril (Portugal), October 25-30, 2005
2004: New York, Jack again
2003: Hattrick in Menton, Contestants
2002: Jack keeps title
2001: Jack takes title in Toronto

1997-2000: ACBL World Championships

1989-1995: Computer Olympiads