License policy

You have the right to install Jack on your own computer. With your purchase of Jack you receive a personal registration code. You are not allowed to share your registration code with others. Registration of Jack is advantageous but not required.

Jack requires the software to be activated. Activation lets you run the program without inserting the CD.
The activation procedure doesn't store any personal data.

Register Jack

You may register your copy of Jack with us. We think it important to keep in touch with you. Registration offers several advantages for you:
  1. Free bonus tournament
    The bonus for registration is a Team of Four tournament (88 deals) that is a joy to play. You will team up with Leufkens - Westra, members of the Dutch squad that won the 1993 Bermuda Bowl. After each deal Berry Westra reports what happened at his table. (See also Page 2 of the printed manual.)
  2. Free newsletter
    You receive an e-mail when we have news to report about Jack. We will also keep you informed of Jack's performance in various competitions like the World Championship for Computer Bridge.
  3. Easy retrieval of registration code
    Computers can crash and programs can require reinstallation. If you misplace your registration code, you can email us to retrieve it, thus permitting you to reinstall Jack.
You register your copy of Jack by selecting the menu option Register from the Help menu and subsequently filling out our webform. You will immediately receive instructions at the email address you use during registration*).
Registrations for Jack 4 or older are no longer accepted.

Activate Jack

Jack requires the software to be activated. Activation lets you run the program without inserting the CD. Jack is now easy to use on your netbook.

Your Jack license grants you the right to install the software on three of your own computers. You decide whether to install the software on 3 computers simultaneously (for example: 1. pc-home-office 2. laptop 3. pc-cottage) or to you preserve one or more installation rights for a new computer in the future (for example: 1. pc-home-office 2. <free> 3. <free>). Reinstallations on computers whose configuration has not been changed are not counted.
Your Jack license is personal: you are not allowed to use one of your installation rights to install the software for use by a third party.
The activation procedure doesn't store any personal data. The procudure will generate and store a unique "fingerprint" of your computer's configuration in order to maintain the installation rights.

For installation and activation of a Jack 6 update, it is not required to have Jack 5 installed. You do need your Jack 5 registration code during the installation.

You can activate Jack either from within the Jack program, by email or by surface mail. When activating from within the Jack program you can start using Jack right away. This requires a (one time) internet connection.
When activating by email or surface mail a small delay will occur (as dictated by the chosen carrier and time we need to process your request).

License Conditions Jack

You are prompted to agree with the following license conditions when installing Jack.

License Conditions

This license to use the Jack software is strictly individual and not transferable to others. You have the right to install the software on computers you own presently or may buy in the future, once initially, and an additional two times, with a maximum of three installations in all, not counting reinstallations on computers whose configuration has not been changed. Uninstalling on one computer does not give you an additional installation right on another computer.

All rights reserved. No part of this software or the manual for it may be reproduced by any means (electronic, magnetic, tape, mechanical, photocopying or other) without prior permission in writing from the authors.

You may neither rent, sell, lend, nor otherwise distribute this product.

The authors and publisher will in no event be liable for any damage caused by abuse or misapplication of the software.

*) Please keep us informed if you change your email address. Every time we sent out a mailing a lot of emails bounce, sometimes because accounts are over quotum but mostly because the address no longer exists. Make sure to include your old address when notifying us of your new address.

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