Product: Tournaments 2002

In combination with the free downloads Jack comes packed with over 80 sessions in 20 tournaments. It is possible (and easy) to create new tournaments using Jack as well as converting PBN files to tournaments. Yet there remained a demand for tournaments with expert players participating and in 2002 we gathered all our tournament material and converted it into tournaments for Jack. Understandbly a lot of the tournaments took place in the Netherlands. So you frequently will compare your score with one of the Jack team members. For example, play the 'ED pairs 2001-02' in which the pair Heemskerk - Pattenier participated.
Two Dutch internationals, Berry Westra and Simon de Wijs have annotated tournament deals which they played themselves and they describe what happened at their table. Dejan Markovic, another Dutch expert, analysed all the deals of the WC pairs 2002 (Montreal 2002).

Tournaments 2002 contains 74 sessions with 1749 deals. All sales information can be found here.

Tournament description Scoring Sessions Deals
Dutch MK pairs 2002-03, annotated by Berry Westra matchpoints 8 175
Cap Gemini 2000 imp-pairs 5 150
Cavendish invitational 2001 Cross-imps 5 132
ING topcircuit 2000 imp-pairs 6 150
Dutch ED pairs 2001-02 matchpoints 8 188
Venice Cup 2000 final, Netherlands vs USA teams 8 128
Cap Gemini 2002, the last of the Cap tournaments imp-pairs 5 150
World Championship pairs 2002, annotated by Dejan Markovic matchpoints 5 142
EC teams 2002, annotated by Simon de Wijs teams 4 80
Dutch ED pairs 2002-03 matchpoints 8 164
Playoff Dutch team selection EC 2002 teams 7 140
Melchemie topcircuit 2002 imp-pairs 5 150